Sarel, the trusted leader of the pack, established Namaste Corporate Events in 1995. Endorsed on various platforms for leadership and business development, he realized the gap in the corporate niche market with the coming of the Rugby World Cup to South Africa in 1995, and used  the opportunity to build a first class events company.

In the true blood of his adventurous spirit, his positive outlook,  his passion for life, his nothing-is- impossible attitude and using the world as his playing field, no corporate challenge is too  big. Famous for his creative mind and hands-on management, Sarel and his team ensure every event, local or international, is unique and will long be remembered, as  international newspapers, including the Sydney Morning Herald and  the local Natal Witness newspaper, have already  reported.

His 20 years’ experience includes planning and building a five star luxury tented camp with the help of the local Touaregs, at the Timia Oasis in the middle of the Sahara Desert in West Africa, for an international corporate client, all  for just two nights!

He will stop at nothing, as leading  a corporate group in their “Roof of Africa” conference down the Sani Pass in Lesotho with forty two 4X4 vehicles through the 800 mm snow and ice proves. Namaste Corporate Events was the first and the last to do so!

He also assisted in the launching of National Geographic’s “Great Migrations” series, where he coordinated VIP and media clients in the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenia.

Having been a pilot himself, creating a  party at  ten thousand feet on a Douglas DC 4 airplane dated from the late 1940’s en route to a cross border destination is not far-fetched.

Leading expeditions on cross border corporate safaris into the wilderness of the Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi Pans  in Botswana and the Namib desert in Namibia is second nature and is guaranteed to get your adrenalin pumping, especially with a leopard or hippo  just outside your overnight tent.

Launching the new Case Steiger, the most powerful tractor at its time ( 650 kw’s), took one thousand three hundred guests to the sky…

Whether you want a 7 day ski incentive trip to Italy, (which turned out to be the biggest party ever in -31 degrees where your booze freezes before you can drink it), or snorkeling and then a beach flower power or pirates party  on an exotic island in Mozambique or the Seychelles, or staying local, with a  big game yellowfin  tuna deep sea challenge or just a Wild West year end party with 800 guests complete with a barber, jail and saloon, Sarel  and his team will ensure a unique event each and every time.

No wonder the man was also invited by the University of Potchefstroom to lecture the young and upcoming events managers of tomorrow on some tricks of the trade.